Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Boys

Since it has been forever since I updated my blog I decided to post a few recent pictures and info of the boys.
Aiden recently finished his soccer league at the local Y. He did such a great job, and was so excited that he scored a goal at the last game.He started school last month and LOVES it, he is learning so much. Aiden is really into Spiderman, Kung fu Panda, and Cars. We love that he is becoming quite the grown up these days by reminding us that maguire is small and he is BIG.
Maguire has been growing leaps and bounds these days. He started crawling at 6 months, yes two days after he started sitting up by himself. No stopping him there, he began pulling himself up on things shortly after that, and now is cruising around behind a wagon. He also has taken two steps last week, and is well on his way to be walking soon. YIKES!
I love how the boys are learning and growing so much, I just wish I could slow down time, but not sure that is going to happen so I guess we will just enjoy every minute!!


maryAnne said...

Oh they are both so big and so cute! We miss them so much!

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