Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jackson Hole

This past weekend was full of fun, and alot of tired moments. Aiden's pictures will sum it up... Trent, myself, Aiden, Ryan, and Kristie all went to Jackson Hole for the weekend for a volleyball tournament that Kristie and I were playing in.
The Tournament started out full force when we showed up friday night. We had our first game at 5:30pm and 7 games later we walked out the gym at 11:30pm, it was crazy but very fun. We held a firm spot in 2nd place after winning 6 and losing by 4 in our final game on friday night.
Saturday came early at 7:30 for an 8:30 game, we were definatly tired and it showed through out the day.
We won our first game, lost our second... Which put us into the losers bracket, and knew we had to come back strong. The Game started and about 7 points in, Kristie jumped to hit a ball and came down wrong on her leg and blew her knee out of place. She was carried off the court, and recently found out that she tore her ACL. We couldn't believe it...
We ended up winning the game and stayed on the court again for the next team to come on. We pushed so hard through the next couple of matches and ended up losing in the third game by 2. it was a great opportunity to play in a tournament again, but oh man are we trying to get our bodies caught back up.
Aiden was such a trooper again and was so good!!! Trent was also amazing and very supportive through the whole tournament. I love my family very much, and am so sad for Kristie.