Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a weekend...

This last weekend My sister and I decided to venture out for the first time to minnesota with our little babies. We fly to salt lake 1st followed by a connecting flight to Minnesota to visit my mom for the weekend. I was so nervous to take my little fire ball Aiden on a plane, but he did great! When I got off the plane I had a small sigh of relief thinking that the worst was over, but oh was I wrong... The 2nd night that we were at my mom's house we were figuring out where would be the best place for two babies and one port-a-crib. So no brainer right, hailey's little girl can have the crib and Aiden can just sleep with me for the night, not remembering that Aiden loves to move around, and by the meaning of move around he never stops moving, he is such a wiggle worm even when he is sleeping. I moved closer and closer to the edge of the bed as he wiggled closer and closer to me. After about two hours of the moving and wiggling I finally found a comfortable spot and feel asleep fast, but not for long. Laying in a deep sleep I suddenly felt something very warm actually borderline hot. (my first thought was this is nice and warm) Then I realized that it is not good to have something hot coming from a sleeping baby right next to you. ha ha yep you guessed it, I was now uncomfortable and laying in my son's pee. He pee-ed right through his diaper and all over the bed. I woke Aiden up and changed his diaper and clothes then piled up blankets to cover the pee so that we could have somewhere to sleep.

Only a short hour later Aiden woke up and started screaming, so I decided to make him a bottle and try to soothe him. I held Aiden and attempted to make a bottle with him in my arms and was not being very sucessful, so I sat Aiden down on the dark floor by the kitchen and started making the bottle. I then picked Aiden up from the floor trying to figure out what he was holding and chewing on.... I got a little closer to his face and smelled dog poo!!! my mom's dog had pooed on the ground and yes my son ate it. Well he got a good taste of it till I freaked out and swipped my finger in his mouth and threw the poo. It was an awful night, but happy to say Aiden had a great time and he was amazing on his 1st plane ride.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bundle of Joy!!!

So yesterday it was semi-warm and I decided to take Aiden to the park, when we walked out the door I realized that it was a little colder than I thought. Hence the fact that Aiden is so bundled up, but needless to say he loved it. Here are the pictures