Thursday, March 31, 2011

They are growing fast!!!

Here is a little update of the boys and how fast they are growing!! Maguire is almost 4 months now, wow! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Maguire has such a great little personality, he smiles all the time, he loves to laugh, listen to his brother talk to him, take warm baths, be held, and LOVES to sleep. Which I love as well.. He is rolling over every chance he gets, he is always on the move. He is now sleeping from 10-7 and we are loving every minute of it!! We love our happy Little Maguire Magoo!! Aiden is also getting so big!! He loves spiderman, riding his bike, and kicking any type of ball around the house. He recently has become one more step closer to sealing the deal and being POTTY TRAINED!!! He has not had any accidents in the last three days and has started going to the toilet all by himself (without me reminding him that he has to go pee in the potty) It has been a long road of potty training, but we are so glad that he are finally done, well for a little while. Aiden loves to laugh, sing his ABC, and talk to me like a big kid. Aiden starts swim lessons in two weeks and is so excited. He also is already to start his soccer league in April with a real coach, jerseys, and a trophy at the end of the season. He is so so excited for that! So that is a little update of the boys, everyone else is doing great here in Indiana!!