Monday, November 9, 2009

Just a small update of the exciting new things that have been going on in our little household!! 1St Aiden moved into a TWIN bed and is loving it!! He climbs up and snuggles with his little bear every night before he goes to bed.

2nd Aiden has been very interested in going to the bathroom in the toilet!!! He pees daily in the toilet and has recently pooped twice in the toilet, I am very excited for my growing boy!!!

3rd Trent has become a little mountain man!! This last saturday Trent went up to Idaho City and chopped down a few trees to stock up on wood for our wood stove. He loved feeling like a mountain man, and I love that we have a ton of firewood to heat our house!!

I love my BOYS so much and am so grateful for the small things that make my life so great!!