Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a sneaky little bug

Aiden is becoming quite the little independent man these days. He grabs diapers and wipes when he is wet and needs to be changed, puts his coat on by himself, and recently has discovered that he can open the freezer and get a go-gurt out and start eating it.

So the other morning, I was talking on the phone to my sister and the freezer started beeping, (which it does when it has been left open for to long) and I could hear Aiden making noises with some wrappers. So I yelled to him from the other room to close the freezer and to come into the room. The beeping continued and I was still engaged in my conversation that I forgot about the freezer. 5 min later Aiden walks into my room and hands me a stick.. Yes a stick from a choc. covered Heath Dilly bar from DQ. Yep that little boy ate the whole thing, finished every last crumb and brought me the stick!!! Here is my cute little sneaky bug after he ate his breakfast.. The dilly bar!!!