Monday, May 4, 2009

Idaho...Nebraska... Ohio..Illinois.. Dc... Finally NEW YORK!!

Well Well where do I start.. So we made it to New york after 36 hours of driving, random throwing up for 15 hours, Liquid diapers, and 11 outfits later in 3 days a sigh of relief when I say... WE MADE IT!!!

On the morning of our departure we filled our car to the rim with clothes and anything else that we could think of that would fit in a small corolla took one last glance at our little house that we love and headed out East. Ten minutes into the adventure Aiden starting throwing up. He started throwing up in his blanket then wiping it on his face before we could wipe it off. ha ha but yes still smiling. We got him cleaned up, changed, and began the journey again. We drove threw Nebraska and it was so pretty, Iowa was just a lot of Winmills and Home of the classic "Field of Dreams." Chicago was awesome! I would love to spend at least a week there. Then off to Indiana, and then straight to DC. We spent a week in Washinghton DC and we loved it. In DC there is so much to do and everything is very clean. That following sunday we got up and drove to our home away from home to Long Island NY. It is very pretty here in Bellport, the city is 50 mins away, Hamptons are 20 mins away, and the local beach is only 5 mins away so we are very excited.

Here are some pictures from our crazy Adventure in some pretty random order so sorry cant figure out how to put them in order, so here you go... Also if trent is plugging his nose in any of the pictures it is because Aiden had the runs and they were so smelly!!! Enjoy and we miss you all!!!

This picture is for you Kristie!!

Look at that time!!! 31 hours and only stopped for 4 hours for changing Aiden and grabbing food... Trent was also excited for that fact that he made it to 105 mph!! (not safe) ha ha

This Thomas book was a life saver on the trip, Aiden loved looking at the pictures and listening to the music. He Loves it! Thanks Mckay!

Aiden was so smelly with the runs

Yep That is the shot 10 min away from our little home