Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LIGHTNING!! Yep that is mcqueen

So Aiden has been so good with going to the potty in the toliet, and telling us when he need to use the potty. We decided to start a potty chart and when he filled it up we would move to the next step and get him some new underwear. Well the chart filled up very quickly considering that he pees every 10 min. and loved flushing the toilet so the excitment continued to excel. After getting a blizzard for doing so well, we made the plunge today and got him some underwear, Lightning Mcqueen underwear and he loves them! Here are a few pictures of him in the cute little whitie tidies. He looks so cute and very excited as you can see from the pictures! Does he not more and more like TRENT everyday? Love my boys

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a morning!!

The last couple of days I have had the worst ear ache and can not seem to shake it, and last night was by far the worst night yet. Since I was up almost all night Trent decided to get Aiden in the morning so that I could sleep. I know what you are all thinking right now.. Trent is such a great guy and a wonderful husband, though I totally agree since the thought was there but he was being a little lazy this morning. So his so called getting Aiden consisted of getting him a glass of milk and some cherrios in a cup while he covered his face with ablanket and fell back asleep on the couch. We have been working with Aiden on getting potty trained and he has been doing a great job of telling us when he has to go. So he told trent and grabbed his diaper, and Trent was still tired so he just ignored him. Aiden persisted to tell Trent that he was stinky and Trent said that he could smell him, but was just ignoring him for a few more minutes. For everyone that knows Aiden knows that he does not give up so he started jumping on trents chest and touching his face to get his attention. Trent said that the smell was getting stronger and stronger so he got Aiden to stop touching his face and decided to finally change him. When he looked a little closer he realized that Aiden had wiped poop all over his face as well as Trent's every time he touched him while getting his attention. He looked in the mirror and at Aiden, they were both covered in poop. So sick!!! The worst part is that Trent was wiping the poop off Aiden's face and not realizing that Aiden had scratched his face on the couch the night before and got a raspberry. He thought it was poop and rubbed it raw:( After everyone was all cleaned Trent walked back into the room and said, are you ready for your turn? ha ha ha Thanks for the thought hon!! Its the thought that counts right?