Friday, January 9, 2009

Bundle of Joy!!!

So yesterday it was semi-warm and I decided to take Aiden to the park, when we walked out the door I realized that it was a little colder than I thought. Hence the fact that Aiden is so bundled up, but needless to say he loved it. Here are the pictures


Kemp said...

Look at the little butter ball!!! Seriously he is getting so chubby! :) I miss him....we need to hang out tonight! Plus I have a funny photo to show are going to laugh pretty darn hard.

Quinn, Alexis, and Jayden said...

he is too cute! don't you just love those onesie warm coats? they are the best. i can't believe how big he looks!

Molly said...

Hi Heide,
This is your cousin Molly (I found your blog on Hailey's!) Just wanted to say hello! I'm sure you don't even really remember me since we didn't see each other much growing up. I still remember being such little girls at Cindy's wedding and you were so sad she was getting married :). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that your little boy is so very cute!! I love those professional pictures you had taken of him-what a cute baby! How old is he? We have 3 little ones also. Take care!