Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random fun photos

Aiden is loving his new seat!
Aiden was a tired little bee after a great halloween party at his friend Milo's house. He had lots of treats and loved playing with all his friends.

Aiden was such a cute bumble bee thanks to Aunt Hailey

Aiden was so smily the other day and was loving the camera!

Also Aiden loves his cousins Gentry, and Mckay so much! They are his really good pals and hangout almost everyday...

Aiden was wondering... Anyone seen my popsicle? Ha ha

So here are some photos that I have taken over the past couple of weeks that I thought were pretty cute and thought that I would share... Aiden is getting so big!!!


Kemp said...

Aiden is so darn cute. Love all of the photos!!

Heidi Bitsch said...

He sure looks a lot like his dad. Glad you guys have a blog. :)

hailey said...

Gotta love your little guy!!!! Also, his cousins look pretty cute with the blue faces. hmmmm! thank goodness for your candy stash... love ya!

The Minert's said...

Your little guy is the the bumble bee costume so so cute, love seeing your adorable family...Summer

Heidi Bitsch said...

Hey Heide! Aren't blogs the best? They make keeping in touch so much easier. Things are good, just moved into a house with a friend of mine and loving it. And trying to stay busy with work in this lovely economy we are dealing with. :)